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New Release – Some Fabulous Yonder by Philip Jose Farmer

A new Noir Master and a collection of short stories from a Science Fiction Master. But first this short story by the author of the Riverworld series. Some Fabulous Yonder by Philip Jose Farmer AMAZON KINDLE| FICTIONWISE | IPAD No man had yet survived a landing on the black planet, till Raspold dared to venture […]

New eBook Releases: Stout, Westlake, Kornbluth & Merill

First up for our new releases is our first “erotica” title. I put the word in quotes because by today’s definitions of erotica it’s fairly tame. Let us call it light erotica, or mild erotica. Anyways it’s a good novel (and rare, well not anymore) that moves along quickly. Campus Doll by Donald E. Westlake […]

New Nero Wolfe Release & a Damon Knight Short Story Collection

Two big releases from Wonder Publishing Group this week. For those who don’t know, WPG is my—Rick Jackson—publishing venture. So I’m really thrilled with being able to publish the Rex Stout Mystery, Over My Dead Body, as an eBook. Over My Dead Body by Rex Stout AMAZON KINDLE | FICTIONWISE A spine-tingling NERO WOLFE murder-mystery. […]