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New Releases – ebooks by Judith Merril, Richard S. Prather, Peggy Gaddis

Three new eBook releases from my company, Wonder Publishing Group. One Science Fiction, one mystery, and one romance. What more could you want? The Tomorrow People by Judith Merril AMAZON KINDLE | FICTIONWISE | IPAD (coming soon) There was something on Mars that killed people! One expedition vanished without a trace. Out of another, only […]

New Releases – 2 New eBooks

Sometimes there’s an author you really like, but perhaps he is well known. At least not anymore. Wyman Guin is one of those authors to me. He didn’t write a lot of stories, but those stories have been anthologized often. He’s best known for Beyond Bedlam, and the first story I read by Mr. Guin. […]