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5 Bestselling Science Fiction eBooks

5 of the top 15 bestselling Science Fiction eBooks at Fictionwise are published by Wonder Publishing Group. How cool is that? Check out all the WPG eBooks at Fictionwise. 8 Venus is a Man’s World and Other Stories [MultiFormat] by William Tenn Wry, brilliant stories from the late William Tenn. Stories of irony, poignancy, humor […]

New eBook Releases — Ben Bova & Bradford Scott

Two new eBook releases from WPG (Wonder Publishing Group) this week. FICTIONWISE | AMAZON KINDLE Five extraordinary stories by one of Science Fiction’s most revered writers. THE TOWERS OF TITAN–Across the frozen cliffs they loomed–the unbelievably ancient towers with the unimaginable engines deep inside them still pouring out their endless power. Dr. Sidney Lee, back […]