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New Releases – Noir Masters Mysteries by Block & Ross Macdonald; + Theodore Sturgeon!

Very nice selection of releases from Wonder Publishing Group for this week. Check them out. Death Pulls A Doublecross by Lawrence Block AMAZON KINDLE | FICTIONWISE | IPAD (coming soon) She was a beautiful girl with a talent for two-timing: she led two lives, tormented two men–but the one thing she couldn’t doublecross was murder! […]

New Releases – ebooks by Judith Merril, Richard S. Prather, Peggy Gaddis

Three new eBook releases from my company, Wonder Publishing Group. One Science Fiction, one mystery, and one romance. What more could you want? The Tomorrow People by Judith Merril AMAZON KINDLE | FICTIONWISE | IPAD (coming soon) There was something on Mars that killed people! One expedition vanished without a trace. Out of another, only […]

Free Fiction Friday – The Corkscrew of Space by Poul Anderson

Another great SF short story for this Free Fiction Friday! The Corkscrew of Space by Poul Anderson PDF | HTML | PRC (MOBIPOCKET) The story appears in the recently released eBook, The High Ones and Other Stories by Science Fiction Grand Master, Poul Anderson, You can purchase the whole eBook at: AMAZON KINDLE | FICTIONWISE […]

Free Fiction Friday – The Beachcomber by Damon Knight

Welcome to our fantastic first Free Fiction Friday! The plan is to release a short story every Friday. The Beachcomber by Damon Knight Alice saw the Beachcomber as a glorious hunk of man; Maxwell saw him as a super being from the future. Tragically, he was both! PDF | HTML | PRC (MOBIPOCKET) The story […]

New eBook Releases: Stout, Westlake, Kornbluth & Merill

First up for our new releases is our first “erotica” title. I put the word in quotes because by today’s definitions of erotica it’s fairly tame. Let us call it light erotica, or mild erotica. Anyways it’s a good novel (and rare, well not anymore) that moves along quickly. Campus Doll by Donald E. Westlake […]

4 New eBook Releases-Jim Thompson, Leigh Brackett, Henry Kuttner, William Hopson

Groovy, four new eBooks titles from Wonder Publishing Group. The Graveyard Rats and Other Stories by Henry Kuttner AMAZON KINDLE | FICTIONWISE Old Masson had a secret– One of Salem’s oldest and most decrepit cemeteries was put in Old Masson’s charge, but he didn’t mind–he was more than sufficiently compensated by the treasures the newly […]

New Nero Wolfe Release & a Damon Knight Short Story Collection

Two big releases from Wonder Publishing Group this week. For those who don’t know, WPG is my—Rick Jackson—publishing venture. So I’m really thrilled with being able to publish the Rex Stout Mystery, Over My Dead Body, as an eBook. Over My Dead Body by Rex Stout AMAZON KINDLE | FICTIONWISE A spine-tingling NERO WOLFE murder-mystery. […]

New Releases – 2 New eBooks

Sometimes there’s an author you really like, but perhaps he is well known. At least not anymore. Wyman Guin is one of those authors to me. He didn’t write a lot of stories, but those stories have been anthologized often. He’s best known for Beyond Bedlam, and the first story I read by Mr. Guin. […]

5 Bestselling Science Fiction eBooks

5 of the top 15 bestselling Science Fiction eBooks at Fictionwise are published by Wonder Publishing Group. How cool is that? Check out all the WPG eBooks at Fictionwise. 8 Venus is a Man’s World and Other Stories [MultiFormat] by William Tenn Wry, brilliant stories from the late William Tenn. Stories of irony, poignancy, humor […]

New Releases – Clifford D. Simak & Craig Rice

Worlds Without End and Other Stories by Clifford D. Simak AMAZON KINDLE | FICTIONWISE A link between yesterday and the tomorrow that was here already ? The closer you move to something the farther away it got ? Dreams constructed and maintained by society ? Stranded on an alien world with nobody to talk to […]

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