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Hugo Award Winning Dangerous Dimensions by Robert Silverberg

We’re really proud of our newest release from Wonder Publishing Group, Dangerous Dimensions by Robert Silverberg. Not only does it contain the Hugo-Award Winning story, Nightwings, but the collection contains all award winning and nominated stories. Get your copy at Amazon before they’re gone (actually we plan not to run out, but get it anyways). […]

Free Science Fiction eBook – D-99 by H.B. Fyfe

Free Science Fiction eBook A Brain Plucker exclusive offer courtesy of Wonder Publishing Group in tandem with SFFaudio.com’s 4th Annual Audiobook Challenge. H.B Fyfe’s Vintage SF Novel D-99 This complete novel was originally printed in 1962. D-99 by H. B. Fyfe —HTML | PDF Here’s the back cover copy: EARTHMEN IN TROUBLE Harris was caged […]

New Print Book Release – John D. MacDonald, A Bullet for Cinderella

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New Book Releases – Pohl & Kornbluth; Poul Anderson

Wonder Publishing Books is officially a Book Publisher. Not just a audiobook and eBook publisher, but honest-to-gosh books. They’re available at Amazon.com. Amazon builds out their book pages over time. Which means you won’t see the book description listed yet or the search inside feature. Three Vintage SF Novels of Pohl and Kornbluth: The Syndic, […]