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4 Bestselling Science Fiction eBooks

Posted on | December 19, 2009 | No Comments

Four out of the top eight bestselling Science Fiction titles at Fictionwise are published by Wonder Publishing Group . Very Cool!

4– Second Variety [MultiFormat]
by Philip K. Dick
In futuristic America, Russia declares war on all of Terra, and this has left the American government no choice but to evacuate and move to a safer, secret location, the Moon Base. However, war still continues over on Terra. In defense and retaliation, “claws” were created, small machines built to search and destroy any living creature. Russia may have the upper hand, but America is determined to fight back. In their zeal they have created the ultimate weapon–robotic killing machines. But in a … more info>> (Published: 1953)

Words: 15288 – Reading Time: 43-61 min.
Category: Science Fiction

5– D-99 [MultiFormat]
by H.B. Fyfe
EARTHMEN IN TROUBLE Harris was caged in an underwater “zoo” by a pack of blue lobsters. Maria drew a five-year sentence on a puritanical planet for trying to buy a souvenir–and for being excessively feminine. Taranto & Meyers had committed the crime of being shipwrecked on a planet that didn’t like strangers. Gerson was simply kidnapped. And nobody had any idea why five citizens of Terra were being held on other worlds–and the ultra-secret Department 99 existed only to set them, and others lik… more info>>

Words: 57073 – Reading Time: 163-228 min.
Category: Science Fiction

6– Search The Sky [MultiFormat]
by Frederik Pohl, C.M. Kornbluth
Earth Colonists’s voyage to settle the far planets beyond our universe. Spaceships have been unable to evoke responses from these planets, and in a novel that is as well-written as it is ingenious, one man starts out form Halsey’s Planet to find the answer. But is there an answer? By the co-authors of the SPACE MERCHANTS and WOLFBANE. (Published: 1954)

Words: 52927 – Reading Time: 151-211 min.
Category: Science Fiction

8– Down to Earth and Others [MultiFormat]
by Harry Harrison
From one of the best, Science Fiction Grand Master Harry Harrison, comes seven fantastic stories of space, aliens, war, and robots. And his stories always have the backbone of the human condition to support them.

Words: 54267 – Reading Time: 155-217 min.
Category: Science Fiction


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