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Free Fiction Friday – The Beachcomber by Damon Knight

Welcome to our fantastic first Free Fiction Friday! The plan is to release a short story every Friday. The Beachcomber by Damon Knight Alice saw the Beachcomber as a glorious hunk of man; Maxwell saw him as a super being from the future. Tragically, he was both! PDF | HTML | PRC (MOBIPOCKET) The story […]

New Releases – Lionel White, Arthur J. Burks & Henry Slesar

I had issues with this site last week and couldn’t add any new content, but now all is good. And now with the new releases for this week. Dominion by Arthur J. Burks AMAZON KINDLE | FICTIONWISE Deep in the heart of South America’s jungles, explorers Leyson and Horton found the source of the fantastic […]

New eBook Releases: Stout, Westlake, Kornbluth & Merill

First up for our new releases is our first “erotica” title. I put the word in quotes because by today’s definitions of erotica it’s fairly tame. Let us call it light erotica, or mild erotica. Anyways it’s a good novel (and rare, well not anymore) that moves along quickly. Campus Doll by Donald E. Westlake […]

4 New eBook Releases-Jim Thompson, Leigh Brackett, Henry Kuttner, William Hopson

Groovy, four new eBooks titles from Wonder Publishing Group. The Graveyard Rats and Other Stories by Henry Kuttner AMAZON KINDLE | FICTIONWISE Old Masson had a secret– One of Salem’s oldest and most decrepit cemeteries was put in Old Masson’s charge, but he didn’t mind–he was more than sufficiently compensated by the treasures the newly […]